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AFRILAB Medical Diagnostics is a high-tech performance driven laboratory providing detailed, timely and accurate medical diagnosis for both private individuals and health facilities. We are spreading across various states in Nigeria where we have distinguished our self and set a new standard in healthcare and diagnostic services in Ibadan and environs. Our facilities are fully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (RC 1476371) and state Ministry of Health where our facilities are located. We will in due time get international Standard Organization (ISO 15189) accreditation making us one of the few laboratories in the country with such recognition.


We create visual representation of the interior of the body for clinical analysis using techniques such as sonography, X-ray, etc.


Our Pathology unit utilizes various tools to diagnose diseases using bodily fluids such as blood, urine as well as tissues.


Our corporate health profile services explores the medical health status of our corporate clients which in turn improves productivity


We offer dispatch services in all our locations for ease of transport of pathological specimen


Our Mission

To provide innovative, fast, cost efficient and accurate medical diagnostic and research services

Our Vision

To be the foremost medical diagnostic and research referral center in the nation

Core Values

Commitment to excellent service

Demonstration of responsibility and accountability

Enthusiasm about continuous improvement

Maintenance of confidentiality

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